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MapleToday V83 Game Feature

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MapleToday V83 Game Feature Empty MapleToday V83 Game Feature

Post by Admin on Sun May 24, 2020 10:59 pm

A) Custom Chairs
B) Custom Item
C) Custom Mount
D) Player Command @shop / @go zakuum / @go horntail / @go pinkbean / @go toad / @go cwkpq / @go krexel/ @whatdropsfrom / @skills
E) Unique Gacha System (Custom Cash Item)
F) Link Skill @ Level 150
G) Link Stats for Character in the same account
H)  Regular GM Events
I) EXP Rate:8X / Meso Rate: 4X / Drop Rate: 2X / Boss Drop : 3X
J) Complimentary Hair,Face,Skin NPC Available in FM
K) Friendly GMs
L) Wide Screen Client
M)NX gained from Most Party Quests but have Level Limits
N)Weapon Levels - Max 6 Levels. Possible Upgrade 0 - 10
O)HP & MP Washing are not needed


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